STS Miata • Auto-X On the edge!

Hello savvy internet type fellows! This is footage from the third event of the 2010 NWR SCCA Regional Solo Series. This was an epic event (at least for me) because I finally learned one of the great secrets of winning: Drive faster than everyone else. …and that’s what I did.

The course was wet as a dolphins dining room saturated from the morning rains when our run group started, but had dried almost completely by the time this video was recorded. Though you can see (on the inset view) that things could turn around unexpectedly at any moment (quite literally in my case). Nevertheless the Miata handled like a needle balanced on a razor blade flawlessly and my sudden streak of Irish luck superb driving won out the day.

This run was clocked at 46.033 seconds (or for those who are PAX Index savvy: Top Pax Baby!)

Here’s a link to the results (look for me under NS4, or you can just proceed to the top of the Index List)

Check out the rest of my vids at

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